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Oct 01, 2019
Inner Wheel
Inner Wheel

Meg Nagel, President of

Inner Wheel Club of Sunshine Coast Inc



Born in New Zealand, Meg arrived in Sydney NSW 1962 later moving to Queensland and settling on the Sunshine Coast. A mother of two children and grandmother of four, Meg has had a career as a Music Teacher of the Piano, Musicianship and Theory.


Extensively travelled within Australia in various forms, from Tent, 4X4 Camper Trailer and Caravan, Meg has enjoyed much of remote Australia, in deserts, National Parks, and country towns, travelling outback tracks, and along beaches on the coast. When hiking in the bush, or snorkelling in Western Australia’s coral reefs, with tropical fish and the occasional reef shark, she is in her element.


As a member of Inner Wheel Club of Sunshine Coast, Meg has held several executive positions and is currently their President.

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Volunteers needed for RYDA Road Safety Education


We are seeking volunteers to help setup and assist in the running of another successful two RYDA days preparing our young people for life on the roads. 


Separate invitation emails have been emailed on which you may register your attendance or apologise if you cannot help; you may also register direct at the following links:


14 October




Register for Setup

15 October Tuesday 8am-2pm Register for Tuesday Beerwah State High

16 October




Register for Wednesday


Sienna College

Glasshouse Christian College

Our last meeting
Better Together Housing (BTH) has been created by two leading charities on the Sunshine Coast to address the rising cost of living and the risk of social isolation facing single women over 55 years old living alone.
BTH is a platform for participants to find someone to share with, it does not provide housing but does link people together who are interested in sharing their home so that can reap the benefits of a shared housing situation.  We do this by inviting interested people to register to either share their home or find someone to share a home with.
Gail Middleton is Sundale's Manager for Housing and Community Engagement - one of the charities supporting BTH; the other is the Coast2Bay Housing Group.  Gail presented Better Together Housing to the club's meeting this morning and explained the concept in greater detail.  To find out more go to the BTH website and subscribe to its newsletter (scroll down on the home page); liking the BTH Facebook page will help raise awareness of this group in your community.
End Polio Now
How do you eradicate a disease? This is the question that Jennifer answers as she shares the story of Polio eradication. It is a disease on the brink of extinction and the finish line is in sight.

It is a complex tale complete with heroic and deadly twists and turns.  Discover what Rotary and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is doing to eliminate this paralyzing disease and in turn keep a promise to the children of the world.
RI President's October message
When we reach our goal, polio will become only the second human disease eradicated on the planet, and Rotary will receive international acclaim. But what matters most is the children who will never again have to face this terrible, disabling virus. Rotary must continue to connect the world in the effort toward polio eradication. It is up to us. Let us finish the job.
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Foundation Trustee Chair's October message
World Polio Day is this month and we are facing a major challenge. The news out of Afghanistan and Pakistan tells us that we have more work to do. It tells us that polio will not die out quickly or easily.
Most of all, it tells us that we are needed now more than ever. Success will require us to remain steady and show that there is no time limit to our commitment. We are in this to the end, and we will conquer this terrible disease. We will give life back to children and families, and restore hope to communities.
Read the TRF Chair's message
2019 Walk for Mental Health
Glasshouse Mountains 20th Anniversary celebration
You're invited to join with the Rotary Club of Glasshouse Mountains to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Club.  The Club was chartered on 13 October 1999.
To celebrate we are having a Brunch from 9am on Sunday 13 October 2019
We are holding the event at Australia Zoo, a longtime partner of the Club.
Please note the cost of the event includes a day at the Zoo; so when our event is finished by 11am, you are welcome to spend the remainder of the day in the Zoo if you wish.  We thank the Australia Zoo for this generous contribution to our day.
Tickets are $50 per person
(children 3-15 years are $40)
Please note that the ticket includes a day at the Zoo.
Entry is only by prepaid ticket - To book your ticket click here.
Please advise to of any dietary requirements.
Upcoming Events
Volunteering at DIK
Oct 05, 2019
Charter Anniversary
Oct 12, 2019
Bohol - Club Visit
Oct 13, 2019 – Oct 22, 2019
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Noel Begley
September 10
Neville Woodforth
September 13
Trevor Gilliland
September 19
Les Walsh
September 27
Spouse Birthdays
Anne Paddison
September 14
Olive Begley
September 17
Noel Begley
Olive Begley
September 12
Trevor Gilliland
Gina Gilliland
September 14
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Jim Lombard
September 12, 2017
2 years
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September 21, 2001
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