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Open Forum Jun 26, 2018
Deborah Taylor - Mark Ward

An opportunity to discuss our finances

Darryl Iseppi Jul 03, 2018
The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation

Darryl Iseppi will be District Governor for the 2019-20 Rotary year.  He will be joining us on 3 July as District Governor Elect.

Currently he is District Rotary Foundation Chair for 2016-19 overseeing fundraising and grant activities for The Foundation in our District.  An important ;part of that role is educating clubs and club members on the importance of supporting Our Foundation and how it works.

Darryl is a member of the Rotary Club of New Farm.  He was born in Toowoomba in 1963. Growing up on his parent’s farm on the Darling Downs between Bowenville and Jondaryan he experienced a variety of farming and the vagaries of Farm Life. Having attended Bowenville State School, then Dalby State High School travelling almost 3 hours every day for school, he moved to the big smoke of Brisbane to study Medicine living in Union College at St Lucia. Changing studies in 1982 he completed his Bachelor of Commerce whilst working full time for Arthur Andersen & Co. This work saw him travel across Australia and to Goroka and Mount Hagan in PNG. He also became a Registered Internal Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Registered Company Auditor, Quality Control Auditor, Registered Trainer, Registered Tax Agent, his employer’s leading fraud investigator, and Superannuation Specialist. He was also the first to bring computer aided auditing to his employer.

In 1985 after years involved in various youth movements and science activities Darryl joined the Rotaract Club of Aspley which he remained a member of until he joined the Rotary Club of Aspley on 14 June 1990. Darryl was ...

Read more about Darryl here.

NO MEETING Jul 10, 2018

No meeting re Changeover

OPEN FORUM Jul 17, 2018
Projects & fundraising brainstorm

An opportunity to discuss projects & fundraising

Wendy Protheroe Jul 24, 2018 7:00 AM
Official Visit by District Governor
Official Visit by District Governor

Wendy Protheroe is the Governor of Rotary District 9600 for 2018-19.  She is a member of the Rotary Club of Brisbane High Rise.

Wendy began her career as a special education teacher where she developed her belief   that everyone should be given the chance to enjoy their abilities. Then as Director of Early intervention Services she worked with terminally ill children and their families and learnt the importance of being flexible in understanding differences and keeping end goals in mind.

As her children reached adolescence Wendy extended her career and spent seven years as TAFE Director at Gympie/Sunshine Coast and then Ipswich before being transferred to the Government’s Economic Development Portfolio. During that role she became the Queensland Director for the 2000 Olympic Games where she honed skills of working with high profile business, sports people and politicians, making focussed decisions and working to deadlines.

Back in Brisbane ...

Read more about Wendy here

The Role of the District Governor

District governors provide leadership, motivation, and guidance to Rotary clubs under the general supervision of the RI Board of Directors. Governors act as officers of RI, fostering achievement in their district at the club level.

Districts nominate governors 24-36 months before the governors take office.

Governors-nominee are elected at the RI Convention and serve as governors-elect for 12 months prior to taking office.


During their term of service, governors:

  • Strengthen existing Rotary clubs, organize new clubs, and promote membership growth
  • Issue a monthly letter to each club president and secretary in the district
  • Support The Rotary Foundation and serve as a district and RI spokesperson, when appropriate
  • Hold a district conference and other district meetings
  • Ensure that district nominations and elections are conducted in accordance with the RI Constitution and Bylaws and established policies of RI

Visiting clubs

Each year, governors visit every Rotary club in the district to draw attention to important Rotary issues and provide special attention to weak or struggling clubs. The purpose of these visits is also to motivate Rotarians to participate in service activities and to personally recognize the outstanding contributions of Rotarians in the district. Visits may be conducted individually or with several clubs at the same time.
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Annual General Meeting & Election of Officers