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Next Tuesday's Meeting
Dec 04, 2018
Annual General Meeting & Election of Officers
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Our Last Meeting
Cr. Steve Robinson was our guest speaker and told us about the major economic projects of the Sunshine Coast Council. The Solar Farm offsets all of Council’s electricity. The new airport runway will encourage tourism and be convenient for business. He gave the example of strawberry farmers being able to export strawberries overnight to Hong Kong. The new hospital is not only the latest and greatest but there is a surrounding health precinct that has created a health hub.
The Maroochydore City Centre is the smartest city in Australia with the first underground waste management system and a public corso space.
Election of Officers for 2019-20
At our AGM on 4 December, an important part of the agenda is the Election of Officers for next year, under President 2019-20 Chris Rees.
The officers to be elected are set out below.
Please consider which position you would like to volunteer for and contact Chris, Bernie or Sue as soon as possible.
Vocational visit to the Caloundra Men's Shed
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Thanks Gerry!
Well Gerry has finally retired from Bunnings BBQ duties!
His last hurrah was on a blisteringly hot Wednesday - heat which kept sales down and volunteer spirits high.
Gerry's role has been  so huge that three members are taking over from him - Judy, James & Merv!
Our next regular BBQ at Bunnings is on 23 January; a special weekend BBQ for all those still working will be held on Saturday 9 February, followed by the regular slot on Wednesday 27 February.
A special BBQ will be provided for Star Pharmacy on Thursday 13 December - see Bernie or Judy for details.
Thank you Gerry, well  done!
Lynne Roberts Scholarship awarded
Sasha Blackwood will be going on to study Veterinary Science.
Christmas Party
December is Disease Prevention & Treatment Month
Our health is everything.  Yet 400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care.  Rotary believes good health care is everyone’s right.
RI President's December message
It's traditional that the first Rotarian magazine of the Rotary year carries a profile of the incoming RI president and his or her family. I've always read those profiles with interest, never giving much thought to the possibility that one day, I might be the one bringing a writer from the magazine to my Rotary club meeting! I have never liked a lot of attention, and the idea of having my picture on the magazine cover made me a bit uncomfortable. But when I saw the photo the editors chose, I smiled. Because the star of that picture definitely isn't me, or even my wife, Esther. It's the flock of flamingos, none of which could care less about Rotary, all strutting past us in the same direction. All of them — except one.
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Foundation Trustee Chair's December message
Our family and our impact continue to grow each year through our commitment to and support of our Rotary Foundation. Working together creates a synergy that allows one person to truly make a difference. And when we all work together and commit ourselves to a cause, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. In that process we are bound together and become an even more close-knit family.
So at this special time of year, as you reflect on your family and the good things in your life, think about your Rotary legacy. Now is the time to make your lasting commitment so that the important work of our Foundation will continue in perpetuity.
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Looking after our Brand

Whether you are Rotary or Apple, your brand is critical. It incorporates who you are, what you believe in, and what value you provide for your stakeholders. If you get it right, you will distinguish yourselves from your competitors, provide a great work-place for your people, and leave you well placed for the future – whatever that brings.
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Annual General Meeting & Election of Officers
Oaks Oasis Resort Meeting Room
Dec 04, 2018
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Rotary Youth Exchange Safari Lunch
Currimundi Lakes
Dec 10, 2018
Vocational visit to the Caloundra Men's Shed
Caloundra Men's Shed
Dec 11, 2018 6:30 AM
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