Reflecting the desire to be self-sufficient, SACH plans to grow fish from fingerlings in a purpose built fish farm to assist the children’s home become self-sufficient in providing a supply of food.  A revenue stream from selling surplus fish is anticipated.



Project Summary

To establish a purpose built fish farm in Bohol, Philippines in partnership with Humanitarian Projects International and the Rotary Clubs of Gladstone and Bohol. Rotary District 9600 has approved a grant of $1,000 towards the project.
Total budget: $2,000
Project Timing: 3-16 September 2018
Completed: November 2018
Total Cost: $2,672
Supporting the kids
Our club asked SACH if there is anything we can bring for the children when we visit in September (see 'Are you interested in volunteering' below).  SACH suggested  personal hygiene items.
So each member of our club has been asked to support one of the children and to write a small note to the child.
We are calling them 'kids packs' and due to space requirements will need to fit into a large pencil case.
We wish to thank our sponsors: Adentica Family Dentists; Pharmacy for Life, Officeworks Maroochydore and The Travel Agent at Caloundra.
Project implementation
Mark Ward and Darryl Laing are overseeing this project on behalf of the club for about a week during the construction period  3-16 September.
On the morning of the second day, Darryl reports that alll is going to plan - all the purchasing was completed yesterday after a full day shopping in a very congested town - definitely third world.
Purchases being delivered to the orphanage this morning after breakfast and a walk on the beach.  Let the project start!
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