Our Golf Day Committee Convenor, Gordon Hamilton received a surprise recognition at our Changeover Dinner.  In recognition of the outstanding devotion that Gordon has applied to our Golf Day, he was recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow.  His three sons were honoured to accompany their father for the presentation.
If you're outside of Rotary, you might not fully appreciate what this means - it's a big deal.  Paul Harris was the founder of our organisation in 1905 in Chicago, and after his death in 1947 funds began to flow into The Rotary Foundation (our global humanitarian charity) in his name.
A Paul Harris Fellow is an individual who contributes US$1,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund or other approved programs, or a person who has had that amount contributed in their name.   Many clubs choose to honour the efforts of members by paying US$1,000 into The Rotary Foundation and offering Paul Harris recognition in this way.