Kairos Communuty College
Jun 22, 2021
Luke O'Sullivan
Kairos Communuty College
Good morning Deb,
Thanks for your email, Luke O’Sullivan is looking forward to presenting at next Tuesday’s breakfast. I will accompany him too, if this is ok, and look forward to meeting you.
I have attached an image of Luke for you, and a short bio is below:
Luke O’Sullivan - Head of Campus, Kairos Community College
Luke spent the first 14 years of his teaching career in Education Queensland schools between the Sunshine Coast and Weipa, on Cape York.  His roles have been split between Sports Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, Community Leader and Pedagogy Coach prior to arriving as Head of Campus at Kairos’ new Caloundra campus which opened in Term 1 2020.  He has always enjoyed working with students who are faced with significant challenges and coaching colleagues how to best support the learning of these students.
He is a highly active father of three and actively engages in triathlons and various other medium distance events.  He is very energetic in his field, helping to motivate teachers to continue to improve.
If there is anything further that you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Kind regards
Katy Roach
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