To the members of the Rotary clubs in the Kenny Cluster District 9620;

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to 11am on Sunday l August 2021;

Wendy Protheroe, _District dovernor for District 9620 (2OZl/2022) ond Tony Long, Assisitont Governor for the Kenny Cluster (2O21/?O22) invites you to attend a meeting of the Cluster at o Sundoy morning Brunch at Austrolio Zoo 1638 Steve Irwin Way,

Beerwoh QLD 4519. Parfners are most welcome

Cost is $50 per person.
(this includes the bmnch ard entry to Australia Zoo for the whole day).

Booking arrangements will be available at a later date.

This meeting is the District Governor's Offical Visit to the clubs to our cluster. Each Club will make a small presentation of their club activities (no more than 5 minutes) followed by a presentation by District Governor (202t/2O221 Wendy Protheroe.