Sgt Ian introduced Chair for the Day Roger
Thanks for the photos Irish
Roger introduced guests Les from RC Caloundra Pacific, Dave and Bob
Thanks Dave for bringing Gordon
Remember, no meeting next week in lieu of Changeover
This was James’ last meeting as President
Special welcome to Gordon and thank you Gordon’s son Dave for bringing him to the meeting
James and Jan had Covid and unfortunately missed the last meeting, so thanks for Deborah for taking the reins
James Reynolds is back to the UK for family reasons
Prospective new member from Brazil
District Assembly “more“ – six members
40 to attend change over
Board Meeting
New roles for Jim‘s year
Parking at Australia zoo
Parking at the Nambour Expo funds to RUSCCF (unfortunately Dave failed the Acronym Test)
Jokes from Richard's book
The International Toast was to the Rotary Club of Avalon, North East – Conception Bay, South Canada
They have 28 members, and James knows them through their assistance with the food drive by the Salvation Army
Thought for the Day
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou
The induction of Bob Ainsworth
Bob limped to the podium with a torn calf muscle and what sounded like Baker’s wrist?
Bob is not new to Rotary
It took him awhile to decide that we were the best Club (sorry Les)

Bob was born in Cheshire in North West England and as a 25 year old migrated to Australia as a "Ten Pound Pom"
He joined a pharmaceutical company and worked in Adelaide /Brisbane/Sydney/New Zealand, where he remained for35 years except for a time in Sydney    
His only son and grandson live in in Brisbane.
He just spent two weeks in Auckland. He is retired from his latest career in food technology in 2017
Has a New Zealand pension so he has to go back every six months.
He was a member of the Rotary Club of Mangere near Auckland from 1987, then Castle Hill in Sydney and then the Half Moon Bay Club in 1992 which had 65 members then but only 50 today
“Bangers to Bluff”
Cars have to cost less than $2000 to go in the rally, and they are auctioned afterwards. $65,000 raised.
Les Pontin, from our daughter club the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific
(that’s Cal Pac to you Dave).

Les is doing the Vinnie’s Sleep Out for the fifth time.
99.9% of homelessness is through no fault of the people
He has reached his target of $5000, But donations are still open
So far he has funded 15 individual plans 41 beds and 166 meals.
Jim spoke to the District Assembly –. There were 299 people and it was really “big“
There was no truth to the rumours of technical problems and freezing cold weather, but Jim felt it was a good assembly overall. After PETS, this is double dosing for Jim.
Controversy – no one understands… Sign a document??
They were 15 on Tony’s bus/food safari
Next year – 100 years of Rotary in Queensland
International Conference in Melbourne - etc etc

Council Meetings – 11 from community
Terry Landsberg’s presentation on Bribie Island/Coast Guard
Catermaran stuck on sandbar
Foreshore work
Three stormwater outlets blocked
Rates increase
Refurbished Aquatic Centre
“Verre“ – new development
Minchinton Street amenities upgrade
Mark’s three minutes on Rotary
245 MB slides from Assembly
Next year’s logo

Jennifer Jones first female Rotary International President

Theme “Imagine Rotary“
Regionalisation from Districts discussion - one vote per club
Need a meeting to discuss it fully
And Mark as Treasurer – fees are due
Deborah – Robin and Deb – membership breakout session
Young business people‘s Club
Business/kids/foster kids
“Buddy” Projects –
Sergeant Ian’s last session - he even fined the Reserve Bank