Forum chaired by incoming President James
Merv introduced James and told him to "lead and control" (good luck with the second part)
Guests Anna, Anne and Ian were welcomed
Peter Davis sent James congratulations
Norm B is in palliative care
James delivered the International Toast to RC Bournmouth, his own Club from 1995-8 when he was sent to do missionary work in the UK
Bernie is part of Cr Landsberg's Community Committee for Division 2 and will try to advance an alternative use for the old Visitors Centre on Caloundra Road
Pam on welfare - return card from the Bell Family after the passing of Elizabeth Bell,  Helen Costello informs us Neil is "having tests". Peter and Norm mentioned previously
Merv - RTDA 6 or 8 sessions in October maybe. He sees ex member Gerry Bell at Church and snooker
Deb - about to launch 20m member's chats about themselves - Looking for speakers
James' round the table enquiry into sports we have played provided some interesting responses - Did we really think Anna was into wreastling?
James is honoured to be our President, and likes to set goals - 35 members anyone?
Weekly Zooming in will continue subject to Mark's availability (currently swimming with the whales off Strabroke)
Chairs to be "creative"
4 Way Test
Christmas raffle?
In Merv's Seargeant's Session, he broke the news that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He and Anne are going to "fight it". Our thoughts are with you Merv.