Happy Easter Mark!

construction of the playground commenced last week! See attached photo.

We might come up to Caloundra this weekend. Are you around?



Happy Easter, we hope the easter bunny found you and Dale.
Is my memory serving me correctly in that you have previously worked with Rotary Club of Balwyn (located in Melbourne), maybe for the medical centre.
They are requesting clubs submit grants up to $10k with very few strings attached…..a “club” grant is very unusual and is being done as Balwyn’s contribution to Rotary’s 100 years in Australia.
Anyhow just wondered if you knew about this and if we should apply for one of their grants.
The other thing is we have sponsored a new InterAct club which is a Rotary program run in schools.
They have to do 2 projects a year: one for the local community and the other an international.
I have known these clubs to fill up a shoe box for a school and I’m thinking they could do the same for each child at SACH.
What do you think; it could be something along the lines of the backpacks we did during our last visit.
We could send them as a balikbayan.
Maybe it will be easier to give us a call re the above.
Kindest regards Mark & Irish
PS give Raphy a pat for us