There will be NO MEETING next Tuesday, 10 July
Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday 17 July at the Oaks Oasis Resort
Enjoy our Presidents' Changeover Dinner this weekend
RI President's July message
I want to see Rotary Be the Inspiration for our communities by doing work with a transformational impact. It’s time to start moving forward, by removing the barriers that are holding us back. Let’s make it easier to make adjustments in our clubs or start new clubs that suit different needs. Let’s work to strengthen Rotaract and smooth the transition from Rotaract clubs into Rotary. Let’s give all Rotarians the flexibility to serve in the ways that work best for them, so that every Rotarian finds enduring value in Rotary membership.
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Crowdfunding works!
While on holidays in the UK, Chris Rees stumbled across an opportunity to raise some funds for one or two recent project ideas.
Freedom Communities gives back to the local community a total of $5,000.  All we had to do was to create our support ideas.  That was easy as we already had two projects that could benefit.  They were:
Have you noticed or heard about the reduction in the number of pre-school and primary school aged children who cannot swim. Swimming lessons for Primary School Children are no longer mandatory - and there were 19 deaths in Queensland last year from drowning. The Government has introduced a voucher scheme for Primary school children but poorer families who would like their children to swim still cannot afford to send them. There is also a need for pre- schoolers to learn to swim. The Rotary Club of Caloundra aims to make a number of places available for needy children to learn to swim. 
  • The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition will be open to primary and secondary school children from Year 3 to Year 12 living on the Sunshine Coast. With four age categories, entries will be photos featuring the 'environment' or 'animals'. The Rotary Club of Caloundra needs your help to secure the prize monies to encourage students to enter the competition.
With the help of members and friends, the initiative was successful in attracting $500 for each project.  Thank you to all members who liked, voted and shared the entries.
Good news indeed!
Volunteers needed for RYDA Road Safety Education

We are again looking for volunteers to help setup and assist in the running of another three successful RYDA days preparing our young people for life on the roads. 

Separate invitation emails have been emailed on which you may register your attendance or apology.

If you haven't yet registered, please register direct at the following links:


24 July


Register for Setup

25 July


Register for Wednesday

Note there is also a Bunnings BBQ scheduled for Wednesday

26 July


Register for Thursday
31 JulyTuesdayRegister for Setup Tuesday 31 July
1 AugustWednesdayRegister for Wednesday 1 August
President’s Closing Remarks at Convention
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The Reel

3 July
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Finance & Meetings - Part 2
Jul 24, 2018 7:00 AM
Official Visit by District Governor
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Upcoming Events
Queensland Air Museum
Jul 07, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tree Planting at Sugar Bay Rd Bushland Reserv
Sugar Bag Road on left heading west past Alexander Street
Jul 07, 2018
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Presidents' Changeover Dinner
Pelican Waters Golf Club
Jul 07, 2018 6:30 PM
Queensland Air Museum
Jul 08, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Mark Ward
July 19
Spouse Birthdays
Shirley Laing
July 8
Lexley Roberts
July 20
Join Date
Alan Still OAM
July 1, 1970
48 years
Roger Todd
July 1, 1999
19 years
Chris Milligan
July 11, 2013
5 years
Gordon Hamilton
July 14, 2015
3 years
Sue Robinson
July 19, 2016
2 years
Gerry Swan
July 26, 1989
29 years
Last Tuesday's Meeting
Your editor was thrust into the Chair's role at our meeting last Tuesday in the absence of our Travel Agent who must have been swanning around in flip flops!
Ana joined us again as a visitor and Judy and Neville were welcome back from their respective journeys once the Chair got his thoughts together!
PDG Alan Still proposed our International Toast to the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA.  There are also two other Baton Rouge clubs - Sunrise & Capital City.
It was a bit cold at the last BBQ
It was a bit chilly at the last BBQ.  One of our volunteers wasn’t wearing socks as she thought it was going to be a warm day!   Used bread packets came in handy to keep warm.
Hard at work in Darwin

News from Gerry: 

I have attended the weekly meeting of RC Darwin Sunrise on 29 June, and on 30 June I helped flog rattle tickets at Parap markets for a two hour shift..
Weather here is beautiful and 1 July was Territory Day, which means 'Cracker Night' - Everybody except us, spends hundreds of dollars to explode on one night.
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