2018 Drought Relief Fund for Australian Farmers
After a seven year drought, it's very clear that our Farmers and their families, the backbone of Australia, are doing it exceptionally tough. The National Farmers' Federation, Channel 9 & Rotary in Australia will work together to raise much needed funds from the very generous Australian public. 
The National Farmers' Federation will then be able to access these funds and provide support to approved organisations, helping Farmers through this difficult time.
A few words from President Bernie
I cannot think of anything more appropriate to write about today than that of the RYDA program.
This program has been run for the past 10 years and has been considered a life saving credential.
After spending three days over the past week volunteering with other members of the Rotary Clubs at the Corbould Park venue, the amount of enthusiasm and effort that our volunteers, presenters and teachers give to the students to make sure that they will be more schooled in what happens when they finally get behind the wheel of a car is amazing.
The program has six sessions and targets Year 11 students who are about to get their P plates or their L plates.   Each one has a ripple effect passing on an important lesson for each student and hopefully for them to retain for the rest of their driving lives.
The sessions give the students an overview of ways and means of safe driving and avoiding a crash.  Some of the sessions although very graphic were presented in a manner that gave each student awareness of how to process some situations they may come across in their driving lives.
Volunteers needed for RYDA Road Safety Education

We are again looking for volunteers to help setup and assist in the running of another successful RYDA day preparing our young people for life on the roads. 

Separate invitation emails have been emailed on which you may register your attendance or apology; you may also register direct at the following links:

14 August


Register for Setup

15 August


Register for Wednesday

Last Week's Meeting
For our Vocational Visit, we were hosted by the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce at their office in Bulcock Street.  The club is a member of the Chamber so it was an opportunity for all our members to learn about the services provided.
Vocational Service Director doubled as breakfast delivery courier, so President Bernie officiated for most of the meeting.  She welcomed the Chamber's Executive Officer,  Olivia Sainsbury and Event & Client Services Co-ordinator, Gabby West as well as Pip Fawcett from Bendigo Bank.
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The Reel

31 July
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August is Membership month
August is Membership and New Club Development Month, which means it’s time to celebrate our Rotary club, our members, and the good this club does in our community and around the world.
What some may not know is that the Rotary Australia website puts a wealth of Membership Development information at our fingertips.  Try this, for a start.  If you follow the link you will have 10 publications and a lot of useful ideas.
What does Rotary mean to you?  Rotary members have pushed polio to the brink of eradication, delivered clean water to those in need, improved their local communities, provided scholarships to the next generation of peacemakers, and continued to do good in the world.
Read on for more ways to join in the celebration ...
What value does our club have for young professionals?
Rotary, like any business, has customers.  For us, those customers are our members and we must provide value to assure satisfied customers.  The key to attracting and retaining young professional 'customers' is presenting a Value Proposition that is attractive.
In a previous post, I discussed the Young Professional (YP) Membership Development project I took on in District 6930. I put together a survey of ten questions designed to get at the core of what brought those members into Rotary, why they stay, what they want, and what challenges they face. From this, we learned that young professionals are looking for networking and mentorship, but have concerns about time, money, and family commitments. Fortunately, Rotary has considerable value to offer in all of those areas.
Is it time for a re-read of Rotary?
Beginning a new Rotary Year brings with it an opportunity to take a fresh look at Rotary.  Public Image Coordinator Elizabeth Usovicz shares the story of her father, who would often re-read his favourite novels.  When asked why he did that, her dad replied that every time he read a good book, he got something new from it.  In her blog post for Rotary Voices, Usovicz muses whether it's time we gave Rotary a "new read."
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